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This is the first collaboration this year where I have teamed up with the lovely Akwildenature and  I am excited to be able to showcase just 2 of her many beautiful prints from the Wynderush Legacy Print Collection


Akwildenature created the Wynderush Legacy Print Collection, Spelling it differently sets it apart from the Windrush

transportation war ship that brought a number of Caribbean people to England in 1947, but at the same

time placing the print collection and what it embodies in the same historical time line.


The clock and mug….


Retro Floral Tropical Print –

incorporating some of her aunties favourite colours.


All The Wynderush Legacy Prints are named after Caribbean women of Akwildenatures mum’s generation, her friends, her relatives and some of her friends’ mothers and now I am honoured to be able to show the beautiful prints within my own creations.


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