Red Square Ankara print iron board cover

Red Square Ankara print iron board cover

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Extra Large iron board cover

Fits boards up to 135cm x 46cm

This cover has a metallised cover underneath and a High density foam underlay that creates a soft and smooth surface for your ironing. This one has a secure nose pocket on the design.  It also has a drawstring locking toggle. 



: Lay your new cover on the ironing board. Do not remove existing cover if you want extra cushioning.

: Position the drawstring at the nose end of the board. Tuck the other end of the cover over the end of the board nearest the iron test and smooth the cover out evenly. 

 : Gently pull the drawstring, so that the cover becomes tensioned you fit around the board, ensuring it is completely flat and fits tightly on the board. 


:Once you are satisfied the cover is sufficiently tensioned, tighten the cord with the toggle. Trim off any excess cord if you wish and tie the end in a knot to secure.