The African Village print mask with removable filter

The African Village print mask with removable filter

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The African Village print Facemask. Fabric sourced from The Gambia 

All mask are lined with filter pocket and Fitted with flexible nose piece that moulds to add more sealed protection


This is a range of masks that I have named JustMakeYourOwn.

I have done a lot of research prior to making these mask and I have ensured that they serve a certain degree of protection. They are lined to create a pocket and they will come with a HEPA FLO filter that’s you can slip inside the pocket as added protection. You can spray or add scents ie, albas oil ect.


You can also cut up some old T-shirts and do about 6-8 layers for a reusable filter.  There was a study (I believe out of Philly) a few years ago that showed that this will raise the filtration effectiveness of a homemade mask to about 80 (out of 100).  Then drop in boiling water for 10 minutes to disinfect and hang dry.

**Scientists do say that masks offer the public no protection so please before ordering do your own research.**

I have made these masks because I believe they will make people feel a little bit safer when dashing out to the shops ect.